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Boba in a Taco and Margarita?! Only at
Agave & Rye!

For a limited time only, this July & August, Agave & Rye will once again display its menu innovation with three tasty items that will have you escape into an Epic Summer. Check out these specials below that are out for you now!

Peach & Jalapeño Salsa

Hot Girl Peach Summer (Epic Taco)
Herbed Chicken, Hot Honey Drizzle, Peach & Jalapeño Salsa, Strawberry Boba

Pop My Strawberry Boba 'Rita
House Jalapeño-Infused Tequila, Mango Puree, Strawberry Boba, Lime Juice Mix, Sugar Water, Sliced Jalapeños

Fed up with Boring Tacos? The Flavor Revolution Starts Here

We get it. You're bored with the same old tacos. You're searching for tacos near you that bring something new and exciting to the table, but coming up short. You're not just seeking a meal, you're seeking an experience - a flavor adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. Let us help you on your quest.

Epic Tacos from Agave & Rye

Tasty Tally


Tortillas per Week


Chips per Week


Tomatoes per Week


Limes per Week


Tacos per Week


Margaritas per Week

Hungry Yet? From our kitchen straight to your sofa!

Skip the lines, dodge the dishes, and sidestep the cooking! Dive into a feast from Agave & Rye right from the comfort of... well, wherever you're currently lounging. Deliciousness is just a click away - no pants required!
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Not just tacos, but an adventure: 
Chef-Inspired Creations at Agave & Rye

At Agave & Rye, we promise you:

A culinary journey featuring chef-inspired tacos and creative cocktails.

A unique, artistic restaurant design at each of our locations, inspired by street art.

Community-focused approach, using fresh, local ingredients to craft our specialty tacos and drinks from our made-from-scratch kitchen.

A tequila and bourbon hall boasting over 70 options each, for an immersive drink experience.

The best epic tacos at Agave & Rye
Agave & Rye Catering & Events

Feast Mode: Activated!

Every great party needs three things: good company, great vibes, and unforgettable food. At Agave & Rye, we’ve got that last one covered. Let us sprinkle a little taco magic on your next bash!

We made it easy to book your next off-site catering or on-site event, right here from our website! View one of the pages below to start your order!


Ever dreamed of a taco waterfall? While we're still working on that, our catering spread comes pretty close! Elevate your off-site events with our flavorful fiesta that'll have guests saying, "More guac, please!" From office lunches to backyard bashes, we make every bite legendary.


Got a big shindig or an intimate soirée? Let Agave & Rye roll out the red carpet... and maybe a burrito or two. Our venues are dressed to impress and our team's ready to ensure your event is more lit than our spiciest salsa. Prepare for an epic celebration, taco style!
Agave & Rye Online Shop

Online Merch Shop

Our tees are like our tacos: Unforgettable and always in good taste! From cheeky quotes to delectable designs, get ready to sprinkle a bit of Agave & Rye into your wardrobe. Because every day is a good day to flaunt your foodie fashion!

Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect gift? Give the gift of taco euphoria! It's like a hug for the stomach, or a party in a pocket. For birthdays, anniversaries, or just a 'because tacos' day. Best. Gift. Ever.
Agave & Rye's Unique Interior

Sip, Savor, and Soak Up the Vibe: Unveiling the Agave & Rye Experience

At Agave & Rye every corner is a canvas of color, every wall tells a whimsical tale, and every seat is the best seat in the house. Our decor isn't just decor—it's a narrative. From vintage memorabilia to quirky artwork, each piece sets the stage for an epic culinary journey.

But let's talk ambiance— It's a harmonious blend of cozy and electric, chill and vivacious. Just like our margaritas, the atmosphere is mixed to perfection.

And then there’s the fun. You don't just dine at Agave & Rye; you celebrate food, friendship, and the sheer joy of living.

So come in, let your hair down, and raise a glass to unforgettable moments. Because at Agave & Rye, we're not just serving meals, we're serving experiences.

More to Devour: Unwrap the Agave & Rye Experience Beyond Epic Tacos

For more information about Agave & Rye, check out our other sections:

Agave & Rye Geometric Skull and Moon
Agave & Rye's Alibi - Rare Tequilas and Bourbons

Discover Elegance at Alibi: A world of Rare Tequilas & Bourbons Awaits you

Immerse yourself in an experience like no other—right here at Alibi, the pinnacle of luxury within Agave & Rye. Located in the heart of Chattanooga and Covington, Alibi beckons you to savor an array of the world's most sought-after spirits.

Why Choose Alibi?

Unparalleled Selection
: Our meticulously curated collection showcases limited-edition tequilas and rare bourbons that you won't find anywhere else.

Sophisticated Ambiance: From high-end furniture to our keen attention to detail, we create an environment that epitomizes comfort, style, and luxury.

Culinary Excellence: Elevate your experience with a carefully crafted tapas menu, each dish designed to complement and enhance your spirit-tasting journey.

Indulge in a realm of exquisite tastes and unparalleled elegance. Isn't it time you discovered the Alibi difference?

Taco Tunes & Tequila Jams

Are your tastebuds groovin' every time you bite into our epic tacos? Let your eardrums join the party! Follow our iconic playlist and relive the Agave & Rye vibe from anywhere - whether you're munching on leftovers, stuck in traffic, or just dreaming of your next margarita with us.
Agave & Rye Playlist on Apple Music
Agave & Rye Playlist on Spotify
Because Every Taco Deserves its Own Soundtrack

Savor the Buzz

Our guests are the spice to our EPIC. From first bites to lasting impressions, hear the sizzle straight from the folks who’ve dived into the Agave & Rye experience. These testimonials dish up real stories, raw and flavorful, just like our menu. Taste the unfiltered buzz that keeps the Agave & Rye legend alive!

“This is the COOLEST restaurant I've ever been to, and I have been to many. The decor, music, atmosphere, I would consider this a destination, not just a restaurant. As for the food??? Unique, massive portions, and absolutely EPIC!! LOVE this place, I'm so glad I stopped by."

Ezra Weinstein, Lexington

“This place is amazing! It's literally the best tacos I've had. So creative, too! I highly recommend trying one of their epic tacos. Our bartender was awesome and so informative on the food + drink as well.“

Sierra Callahan, Cleveland

“Today was our first time eating here. We had the most amazing services from Christian. So friendly and he brought his A+ game. I told him I was a guacamole-head and he brought me out the most delicious guacamole. He was very knowledgeable about the menu. He helped me and the group make great choices. He treated us like family. We will be back and we must have Christian. The food and Christian make our experience amazing!"

Bennitta McNair, Liberty

“Absolutely delicious food. Fun atmosphere!! It’s so cool here. The tacos are HUGE, drinks are yummy. I got the strawberry drink & you definitely have to try the crown jewel!!“

Taylor Lynn, Perrysburg

“Today was our first time at Agave & Rye & we couldn’t have possibly been happier! Our server Latoya was EXCEPTIONAL. She was so knowledgeable and had the best personality! Food was amazing, we can’t wait to come back!"

Ashley F, Rookwood

“The food is great! The atmosphere was fun and the staff was friendly. Our waitress was Amazing, she gave suggestions and was very attentive. Yummy Funnel Cake Fries with Chocolate dip. Mmmm!“

Grammy Towes, SN Columbus

“Officially may now be my favorite place in Chattanooga!! Wow. Just wow! The food is amazing! Drinks, top notch! The decor, the atmosphere. Definitely a top spot in town!“

Katherine Hutchinson, Chattanooga

“An absolutely mind-blowing experience. It's not just the food or the surface or the atmosphere. Everything about the energy in this place is absolutely incredible. I love everything about it. I feel like I'm home here."

Andrew Davis, Louisville

Spicing up your feed:
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