Alibi - Where Agave & Rye Meets Elegance

Welcome to Alibi, where luxury takes center stage. In the heart of Chattanooga and Covington, Alibi promises an experience like no other. With our curated collection of high-end tequilas and bourbons, every moment spent with us is a journey through the world's finest spirits.

Alibi at Agave & Rye: High-end Tequila & Bourbon Lounge

Discover the Alibi Difference

Alibi isn't just about drinks; it's an experience. With upgraded furniture and attention to detail, immerse yourself in an ambiance that speaks comfort, style, and luxury.

An Exquisite Tapas Selection

Complement your drink with a handpicked menu of tapas, each created to enhance your tasting journey and tantalize your taste buds.

Unearth Rare Spirits

Our collection at Alibi is a testament to the world's finest. From limited-edition tequilas to sought-after bourbons, discover a realm of tastes that are both unique and exquisite.

Agave & Rye Alibi
Agave & Rye Alibi
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