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Why wait for the weekend to have fun? Break out of your weekday routine and head to Agave & Rye's for some fun. Our specials have got you covered! Margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Whiskey Wednesdays, Happy Hour and more... We'll make sure your weekdays are always epic.

Specials may vary by location due to local and/or state liquor laws. Indiana locations will only offer all day specials.

Sip. Savor. Repeat.

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If you thought the weekend was the only time to have fun, think again. Our daily specials at Agave & Rye will have you looking forward to every day of the week. We don't just have specials, we have an entire lineup of reasons to make Agave & Rye your second home.

Margarita Monday

All day & Night.
We don't believe in suffering through Mondays. That's why we've created Margarita Monday, the most wonderful day of the week. We're not saying that our Margarita Monday special will solve all of your problems, but it's a start. At the very least, it'll make Monday a little less unbearable.
1/2 Price OG Margaritas

$7.5 Mac N Cheese Beignets
$6 Sugar Daddy of the Plain Jane Taco
Agave & Rye Margarita Monday

Taco Tuesday

All day & Night.
Taco Tuesday is like a mini-vacation in the middle of the week. It's the day of the week where it is acceptable to have multiple margaritas with your lunch. It's when the stars align and the universe blesses us with discounted tacos and margaritas. Come get your fix at Agave & Rye where Tuesday is the least forgettable day of the week.
$7.75 OG Margaritas
$7.75 Bourbon Peach Punch
$2.5 Domestic Cans

$4 Plain Jane Taco
$5.5 AlDerman Taco
$5 Bang Bang Taco
$4.75 Chips & Queso
Agave & Rye Taco Tuesday

Whiskey Wednesday

All day & Night.
They say that the only things in life that are certain are death and taxes, but we like to add one more thing to that list: Whiskey Wednesday. Every Wednesday, we open our doors and invite you to come on down and indulge in some of the smoothest whiskey & bourbon around. So come in, grab a glass, and let's raise a toast to making it over the hump.
$7.75 Bourbon Peach Punch
$8 New Fashioned
$2 off all whiskey & Bourbon Pours

$4 Carne Asada Egg Roll
$6 Love Shack Taco
$9 Shrimp Rangoon
 Agave & Rye Whiskey Wednesday

Happy Hour

Monday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday.
3-6 pm
Who needs a therapist when you have happy hour at Agave & Rye? Our discounted drinks and food will soothe your soul and calm your nerves, all while putting a smile on your face. The only thing happier than a happy hour is a happy hour at Agave & Rye.
$7.75 OG Margaritas
$7.75 Bourbon Peach Punch
$2.5 Domestic Cans

$1 off all Epic Tacos
$4.75 Chips & Queso
(Excludes Indiana locations due to liquor laws. Sorry Indiana)
Happy Hour at Agave & Rye

Industry Night

Every Monday. 4 pm - Close
At Agave & Rye, we know that the hospitality industry can be tough. That's why we're hosting Industry Night every Monday, where you can come and let loose with your fellow industry folks. Whether you're a server, bartender, or the guy who cleans the fryer, we've got you covered with half-price drinks and munchie specials that'll make you forget about your boss's terrible jokes.
1/2 Price all Regular Size House Cocktails
1/2 Price OG Margaritas
1/2 Price on all Tequila & Bourbon Pours
$6 Well Drinks

1/2 Price Chips & Queso or Chunky Salsa
$7.5 Mac N Cheese Beignets
$6 Sugar Daddy of the Plan Jane Taco
(Excludes Indiana locations due to liquor laws. Sorry Indiana. Must show proof or verification of employment in the industry. Some examples include a paystub, schedule, work ID card, uniform, etc.)
Industry Night at Agave & Rye
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