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Order. Create. Devour. Elevate Your Event with Agave & Rye Catering

Why settle for bland when you can have a blast? Agave & Rye’s taco catering isn't just food – it's a culinary riot. Want to elevate YOUR event? Think epic tacos, not boring sandwiches. Planning to treat your team? Give them the joy of individual lunches that don’t taste like cardboard. Fancy throwing a banger? Our catering and libations packages are the life of the party (just don't tell your neighbors). Dive into the world of the best tacos and the finest margaritas, where Mexican catering meets flair, flavor, and a dash of rebellion. With Agave & Rye, it’s not just dining; it’s devouring life one taco at a time. Ready to bite?

Feast Your Eyes on Flavor: The Agave & Rye Party Guide

Ready to turn ordinary into extraordinary? At Agave & Rye, we don’t just do catering; we orchestrate a flavor parade that marches right into your tastebuds. From Epic Boxes that laugh in the face of boring lunches to a Creation Station that lets you play with your food (in the best way possible), our offerings are anything but vanilla. Dive into a menu that dances, drinks that dazzle, and a taco experience that's truly epic. Let's get this party started, one taco at a time!

Agave & Rye Catering & Events Epic Boxes

Epic Boxes

Lunch in a Box? Try Epic Tacos in a Treasure Chest!

Who wants a plain lunchbox when you can have an Epic Box? Packed with the best tacos and mouthwatering sides, our individually packaged treasures are perfect for those who like their lunch with a side of awesome.

Agave & Rye catering and events creation station

Creation Station

Be the Picasso Of Your Spread at Our Creation Station

Our Creation Station puts you in the chef's hat, allowing you to design your own masterpiece meal for your guests. It's not just food; it's art with a zesty twist.

Agave & Rye catering and events a la carte

A la Carte

The Spice of Life: Customize with Our A la Carte Options

Like a sprinkle of hot sauce on your nachos? That’s how our A la Carte options enhance your event. Tailor your menu with side kicks that dance with our best tacos, adding that extra cha-cha-cha to your celebration.

Agave & Rye Catering and Events Libations and Drinks

Libation Packages

Drink, Laugh, Repeat: Our Libation Packages Are the Talk of the Party

What’s a taco feast without a fiesta of drinks? Our Libation Packages promise to pour smiles, laughter, and perhaps a few dance moves. From margaritas to bourbon, we’ve got the drink to make your tacos blush.

Get the Party Started: your Guide to Ordering Taco Triumph!

Hungry for a taco takeover? Thirsty for margaritas that mingle? Ordering catering with Agave & Rye is as easy as uno, dos, tres – and a whole lot tastier! Here's how you can unleash the fiesta at your next event:

Agave & Rye Catering

Step 1: Pick Your Pleasure

Epic Boxes or Creation Station? Libations or A la Carte delights? Why not all? Start by selecting the flavors and fun that suit your vibe. Warning: may cause excessive drooling!

Step 2: Set the Stage

Date? Check! Venue? Check! Appetite? Double Check! Share the details of your bash, and we'll handle the rest. Your event, our flavors – it's a match made in taco heaven.

Step 3: Confirm & Countdown to Crunch Time!

Once you’ve picked, paired, and planned, hit ‘Confirm.’ Then sit back, relax, and prepare for a taste explosion that’ll rock your event like a guacamole-filled piñata. Get ready to crunch, sip, laugh, and repeat!

Summon the taco party: Unleash the flavor with a click

Ready to rock your taste buds? Our online inquiry form is your golden ticket to a taco extravaganza! Fill it out like you fill a taco – with zest, excitement, and a sprinkle of adventure. No boring questions here; just a flavorful pathway to a feast you'll never forget

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