Gift Cards

Looking for a gift that's as spicy as your friend's personality? Want to be the life of the party without even showing up? Gift an Agave & Rye gift card, and watch your popularity soar! Choose between the ever-trusty physical gift card that brings joy via snail mail, or the ultra-modern virtual gift card that delivers excitement straight to someone's inbox. Either way, you're serving up a gift that is full of bold flavors and edgy vibes that'll have everyone raising a toast to you!

Agave & Rye Physical Gift Cards

Physical Gift Cards

Tired of watching your friends' faces fall when they open another boring gift? Switch things up with a physical gift card from Agave & Rye! It's like sending a delicious meal in an envelope. These little beauties will arrive in the mail, full of anticipation and excitement, and are sure to delight anyone who loves a tangible token of tastiness. Give the gift that keeps on giving (at least until it's all spent) and let them experience a night of feasting and fun.

Virtual Gift Cards

In a world of instant messaging, why not give the gift of instant deliciousness? These digital wonders will land in your loved ones' inboxes, ready to treat them to an unforgettable night of culinary excitement. No need for stamps or envelopes - with just a few clicks, you'll send them on a mouthwatering journey filled with moments they'll never forget. Who knew an email could taste so good?

Agave & Rye Virtual Gift Cards

Want a physical gift card but don't want to wait for the mail?

Stop into any one of our locations and get a gift card right on the spot.