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About Me

Welcome to epic

Agave & Rye is a disruptive innovator in the restaurant industry operating as an independent Tequila and Bourbon Hall that delivers EPIC experiences - from the menu to the service, from the way we treat each other to the way we treat our guests. Every restaurant location looks different, bringing its own feel from the surrounding community to blend both Agave & Rye and its chosen location together into one EPIC experience.

Agave & Rye's concept walks an intriguing line between fine art and street art, which gives each location the feel of "urban grunge" with an eclectic mix of music that spans everything from 80's pop hits to todays essential tracks. Visually, both rustic wood and brightly colored, plush cushions dress the space to create a comfortable atmosphere.

The menu itself sets Agave & Rye apart from the traditional restaurant with street favorites, as well as EPIC tacos. Signature craft cocktails offer a mix of modern and traditional. Fresh, made-from-scratch recipes with only the best ingredients available offer inventive ways for guests to enjoy expertly crafted food, bite-by-bite and sip-by-sip.

Original Agave & Rye Location


Agave & Rye initially opened its doors in Covington, KY, on February 8, 2018. The concept was born from a deep, deep passion for the restaurant industry, and from Yavonne and Wade Sarber's understanding of just how impactful a restaurant could be when it's done right.

From the start, we promised to deliver EPIC experiences to our community. We do this by providing house-made food in each of our restaurants daily, in addition to our cocktails, which are made with freshly-squeezed juices and premium spirits.

Our team is full of bold, beautiful and fearless individuals who are authentic without prejudice, period. We are a perfect collection of brilliant misfits, always driven to serve others and help one another with kindness, integrity and humility. Truly, one EPIC family.
Our team whole-heartedly embraces our story and the story behind Agave & Rye... because they're a part of it. We firstly focus on one thing - taking care of our team members. Agave & Rye's story has naturally, and almost magically, unfolded from that foundational belief.

This vision-made reality is all owned, led and operated by founders living their dream and determined to make a difference.

Unleash Your Epic Side

Hungry for a career that's as bold and vibrant as our tacos? At Agave & Rye, we believe in flavor, in and out of the kitchen. Join our tribe of trailblazers, where we serve not just incredible dishes, but also opportunities for growth and creativity. Tap into the heart of innovation and community - seize your epic with Agave & Rye.

Agave & Rye is Hiring

Unapologetic Values

At Agave & Rye, we believe that a company's values should be like a good margarita: strong, unapologetic, and a little bit sassy. We don't follow the trends - we set them. We don't play it safe - we take risks. From our commitment to innovation and quality ingredients in our scratch-kitchen, to our dedication to exceptional service, we strive to embody excellence in everything we do and we're always pushing the envelope and striving for greatness.

Agave & Rye Metallic Queen Bee

Our Promise

We promise to deliver an EPIC experience to our team members, guests, and community.

Our Dream

To create a family of restaurants in communities where we can deliver our promise, which will fundamentally help shape the lives of those who are determined to work for their dream with the highest of standards and ethics.

Our Core Values


Sincerely treating each team member as family, placing one another's livelihood and growth above all else.

Exceed Expectations

Exceed our guests' expectations with EPIC food & drinks, every time.


Create an inspiring environment for our guests and family members to mindfully play.


Respect and nourish the communities that have allowed us to open shop in their neighborhoods.

Epic Hospitality

Provide 5-star service, without pretension.


Respect each other, our guests, our home, and most importantly, yourself.

Savor the Buzz

Our guests are the spice to our EPIC. From first bites to lasting impressions, hear the sizzle straight from the folks who’ve dived into the Agave & Rye experience. These testimonials dish up real stories, raw and flavorful, just like our menu. Taste the unfiltered buzz that keeps the Agave & Rye legend alive!

“This is the COOLEST restaurant I've ever been to, and I have been to many. The decor, music, atmosphere, I would consider this a destination, not just a restaurant. As for the food??? Unique, massive portions, and absolutely EPIC!! LOVE this place, I'm so glad I stopped by."

Ezra Weinstein, Lexington

“This place is amazing! It's literally the best tacos I've had. So creative, too! I highly recommend trying one of their epic tacos. Our bartender was awesome and so informative on the food + drink as well.“

Sierra Callahan, Cleveland

“Today was our first time eating here. We had the most amazing services from Christian. So friendly and he brought his A+ game. I told him I was a guacamole-head and he brought me out the most delicious guacamole. He was very knowledgeable about the menu. He helped me and the group make great choices. He treated us like family. We will be back and we must have Christian. The food and Christian make our experience amazing!"

Bennitta McNair, Liberty

“Absolutely delicious food. Fun atmosphere!! It’s so cool here. The tacos are HUGE, drinks are yummy. I got the strawberry drink & you definitely have to try the crown jewel!!“

Taylor Lynn, Perrysburg

“Today was our first time at Agave & Rye & we couldn’t have possibly been happier! Our server Latoya was EXCEPTIONAL. She was so knowledgeable and had the best personality! Food was amazing, we can’t wait to come back!"

Ashley F, Rookwood

“The food is great! The atmosphere was fun and the staff was friendly. Our waitress was Amazing, she gave suggestions and was very attentive. Yummy Funnel Cake Fries with Chocolate dip. Mmmm!“

Grammy Towes, SN Columbus

“Officially may now be my favorite place in Chattanooga!! Wow. Just wow! The food is amazing! Drinks, top notch! The decor, the atmosphere. Definitely a top spot in town!“

Katherine Hutchinson, Chattanooga

“An absolutely mind-blowing experience. It's not just the food or the surface or the atmosphere. Everything about the energy in this place is absolutely incredible. I love everything about it. I feel like I'm home here."

Andrew Davis, Louisville
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