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Centerville's Best Tacos, Tequila & Bourbon: Agave & Rye

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11 N Main St. Centerville, OH 45458

(937) 936-3742

SUN-THUR 11am-10pm

FRI-SAT 11am-11pm

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Welcome to Centerville, Ohio, where the streets are lined with charm and the tacos are stuffed with charisma – much like the locals! In this gem of a town, where history mingles with modern flair, Agave & Rye has set up camp, armed with the best tacos this side of the Ohio River. We've heard that Centerville folks have quite the refined palate, so we brought along a vibrant dance of Mexican food that would make a mariachi band strike up a tune.

Oh, and did we mention tequila and bourbon? If you're wandering around Centerville looking for tequila near you, look no further than our doorstep. Our tequila bottles have been known to whisper sweet Spanish sonnets to those passing by. And our bourbon? It's as rich and smooth as a Centerville sunset, without the need for rose-tinted glasses.

So, come down to Agave & Rye Centerville, where every bite is a fiesta and every sip is a serenade. Whether you're a Centerville native or just passing through in search of the "Best Mexican Food Centerville" (that's us, by the way), you'll find a plate of joy, a glass of laughter, and a table of amigos waiting for you. Fiesta, siesta, repeat – that's how we roll in Centerville, amigos!

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