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Agave & Rye Grandview, Ohio - Best Tacos Bourbon & Tequila Near You!

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1295 Grandview Ave. Columbus, OH 43212

(380) 226-8226

MON-THUR 11am-10pm

FRI-SAT 11am-11pm

SUN 11am-9pm

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Voted 2nd best new restaurant in Columbus, OH 2023!

Welcome to Agave & Rye in Grandview, Ohio, where tacos aren't just food; they're a way of life! Nestled in the picturesque heart of Grandview, we're as sassy and sophisticated as the city itself. What's Grandview's secret? It might be our tequila; they say it's the stuff of legends.

Grandview is a place where charm meets chic, and here at Agave & Rye, we've taken that to a whole new level. Looking for the best Mexican food Grandview has ever seen? Or perhaps you're on the hunt for bourbon or tequila near you? Your taste buds have just found their new home.

In Grandview, we know how to throw a fiesta like no other. Our tacos are so mind-blowingly scrumptious, you might just forget where you are. And our tequila? Well, it's like a warm Ohio hug on a cold winter's night. We've got enough bourbon to make even the staunchest cowboy tip his hat.

Come join us in Grandview, where tacos reign supreme, and every bite is a party. It's not just about the "Tacos near me" search. It's about the experience, the laugh, and the memories. At Agave & Rye Grandview, we're more than a restaurant; we're a celebration of all things tasty and fun. Ready to join the fiesta? Your table is waiting!

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