Agave & Rye Lexington (Square)

Experience Lexington's Best Tacos, Margaritas, Tequila & Bourbon

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123 N Broadway Lexington, KY 40507

(859) 523-1170

SUN-THUR 11am-10pm

FRI-SAT 11am-11pm

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Welcome to the heart of horse country, Lexington, where history meets modernity, and of course, where bourbon is a way of life! But do you know what else Lexington is secretly famous for? Its insatiable love for tacos! At Agave & Rye, we've embraced this love, spicing things up a notch in downtown Lexington. Fancy a margarita that dances on your tongue while whispering tales of ancient Mexico? We've got you! Or perhaps, you're here on the hunt for the 'best tacos near me.' Look no further; our tacos are not just food - they're a fiesta of flavors.

Swing by to Agave & Rye, where we mix the spirit of Lexington with the soul of Mexico & Europe. We promise, you'll leave with your cravings satisfied and a chuckle or two from our cheeky humor. And if you're here just for the bourbon (because, hey, it's Lexington), don't fret; we’ve got that liquid gold too. So, saddle up food adventurers, and giddy up to Agave & Rye - where every bite is a tale of two cities!

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