Agave & Rye Short North

Best Margaritas & Tacos at Agave & Rye, Short North Columbus

Dine In | Carryout | Delivery

479 N High St. Columbus, OH 43215

(380) 229-3742

SUN-THUR 11am-10pm

FRI-SAT 11am-11pm

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Voted 2nd best new restaurant in Columbus, OH 2023!

Welcome to the bustling heart of Ohio - Columbus! A city that pulses with life, innovation, and a touch of Ohio's signature charm. Nestled within this metropolis is the Short North District, an artsy hub that’s a mashup of culture, creativity, and culinary wonders. And speaking of culinary wonders... if you're on the hunt for the finest "tacos near me" or craving a splash of the most tantalizing tequila Short North Columbus can offer, you're in for a treat.

Say 'Hola!' to Agave & Rye – Short North Columbus's prime spot for all things deliciously Mexican. Imagine a world where tacos reign supreme, margaritas dance on your palate, and the melody of bourbon and tequila serenade your senses. Sounds like a fiesta, doesn't it? We're not just about food and drinks, though. We're about the spirit of taco-fusion, spiced up with the vigor of Short North. So, whether you're a Columbus local or a wandering foodie, step into our vibrant space, share a laugh, make a toast, and let the fiesta begin!

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